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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Multi-Academy Trust created in November 2013 and led by Howard of Effingham School, an outstanding school which is also a designated Academy Sponsor. Visit website

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Learning Habits

We believe that students should be lifelong learners able to

  • meet challenges head on and positively
  • communicate with a range of groups in a variety of ways successfully
  • work in a group or independently confidently
  • question the world around them and seek answers capably

With this in mind we focus on the four main skill areas of determination, curiosity, communication and independence through our assembly and tutor programme and highlight these skills in lessons wherever possible.  Students are encouraged to speak about how they are using these skills.

Studies have shown that focusing on these areas as students’ progress through school can bring about better mental health and well-being as well as raising attainment in GCSE qualifications at the end of Year 11.

“Students who are more confident of their own learning ability learn faster and learn better.  They concentrate more, think, harder and find learning more enjoyable.  They do better in their tests and external examinations and they are easier and more satisfying to teach.  Even a small investment in building language for learning helps prepare youngsters better for an uncertain future.  Today’s schools are educating; not just for exam results but for lifelong learning.  To thrive in the 21st century it is not enough to leave school with a clutch of examination certificates.  You have to have learnt how to be tenacious and resourceful, imaginative and logical, self-disciplined and self-aware, collaborative and inquisitive.”         

Building Learning Power, Guy Claxton

“What parents do at home can have a powerful influence on students’ emerging self-concept as a learner.  Constructive activities at home that appear to help create successful learners include:

  • Using interesting and complex vocabulary
  • Encouragement to read for a range of purposes
  • Cultural activities such as visiting libraries, museums, performances or historic sites
  • Encouragement to develop hobbies
  • Providing opportunities to question and try out new things
  • Having conversations about things outside the home
  • Opening discussions about progress at school”

The Learning Powered School
Guy Claxton, Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell & Bill Lucas