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Feedback from Year 7 Parents' Evening on 6th March 2019

The school has been extremely supportive of M’s transition into Year 7. Thank you for all the support, we are very happy at our new school!

My child has progressed rapidly since starting year 7. I am very impressed with the school!

L is very happy to come to this school and enjoys all aspects of her learning.

H has settled really well and enjoys school. H feels confident that if she has any issues, she can turn to her teachers.

I wish I’d come to a school like this. Keep up the amazing work!

I am really pleased with how the school has progressed, and the leadership team are on top of everything. I am really pleased with how enthusiastic and encouraging the teachers are.

K seems to be flourishing and is always talking about the things she has done in her day.

As ever, hugely impressed by our first parents’ evening. Without fail, every teacher spoke to my child personally and was able to give us real, practical advice on how to her improve and reach her potential.

B has improved greatly since starting high school. I believe the school is managed very well.

Just keep going, you are doing a fantastic job, staff!

We are really pleased that we selected Three River for J’s secondary school, and pleased to see the school turning around.

Feedback on our Open Evening 2018

Over 320 prospective families attended our Open Evening on Thursday 27th September. Over 100 families completed our feedback form and below are extracts of what they shared with us:

I left with a positive impression of the school – 100% agree or strongly agree

The learning environment is positive and supports students in making progress – 98% agree or strongly agree

Staff were welcoming and professional – 99% agree or strongly agree

My queries and questions were answered effectively – 96% agree or strongly agree

Some direct quotes from prospective parents:

So very impressed with the pupils and teachers in the school and thoroughly enjoyed the evening”

Our tour guide, Ryan in Year 8, was amazing a huge credit to the school

The Inclusion team were very welcoming and warm/caring

Very impressed, well done

It was a fantastic night, thank you - my daughter was so excited by everything she saw!

Tour guide Archie Hartwell was an excellent choice of tour guide, always engaging in relevant and positive conversation.  An excellent ambassador for the school

New facilities:

"As a parent of two children currently at Three Rivers Academy we love the new building and all the amazing facilities it offers. However the biggest change is what is happening inside the school. My children and I have noticed a huge change since HPT took over the school. Teachers are now giving clearer instructions of what the children aims and objectives are for each lesson and this in turn is communicated to parents via an internal system FROG so that as a parent we can check on our children's progress.
As a parent I was worried about the issues of behaviour of others during school time as this was noted in the last Ofsted report (when the school was RES) however this has changed and the leadership team have worked very hard with their staff, pupils and parents to communicate to the pupils what is expected of them and the consequences of misbehaving is very clear to all parties.
We have some amazing teachers who for my children have gone above and beyond to assist them in their daily life at school. All of them are working really hard to challenge pupils and work with those that are struggling. There are more homework clubs in school time and after school to support individuals of all abilities if the pupil wants to learn of course!!
My two are very sport orientated and they are loving the new gym, sports hall and outside sporting areas.
Our theatre productions have always been amazing but the new school offers opportunities for all the arts.
I know results of a school are important and I'm hoping like many others that when we have our first Ofsted report it will prove to the rest of the community what many of us parents and pupils already know about the school."
Lisa Bainbridge

"What an asset Three Rivers Academy is to my children and to the whole community. Rydens Enterprise School was first choice for both my boys due to its location and they wanted to be with their friends.
Okay, the stats weren't great and the school was run down but, as a family, we felt it was the right place to send our boys... we just had a good feel about the school. The teachers work tirelessly towards giving the children a great education, some working over and above what is required as they are passionate about their jobs.
The new facilities are amazing and it gives the children a fabulous school to study in and be proud of.
The state-of-the-art sporting facilities are excellent and my youngest was so proud to be the first class to ever have their PE lesson on the new astroturf.
The extra revision lessons being provided to our GCSE students are plentiful and they are encouraged to attend as many as they can to help them reach their potential.
If you have discounted Three Rivers Academy due to the old 'bad reputation' ... think again. Go around, see for yourself and I am sure you will come to the same conclusion as me. I am very proud to have two of my children attend Three Rivers Academy."
Ruth Heather

"I have two children who attend Three Rivers Academy and I am delighted to say they are thriving there. The transition of the school to become part of the Howard Partnership Trust has been a very positive one and the move into the new state-of-the-art building has been very well managed by the dedicated staff there. The new school building is a dynamic space with excellent facilities which will no doubt enhance the students learning. I am very excited for the future of Three Rivers for the students, teachers and the wider community."
Nina Harris, parent of Year 7 & Year 10 students

"My daughter is in Year 10 at Three Rivers Academy and the new school building has made such a difference to her school life, the new facilities are fantastic, in particular the dance studio and the sports hall. The new enviroment has most definitely inspired the students to look after and be proud of their school. The new building has also boosted teaching moral within the school community and teachers are also very proud to work at this state-of-the-art school."
Anita Aston

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the school tonight. What an amazing facility you now have. It looks an inspiring place for the young people to learn in and thrive. As a parent that is just wonderful. I continue to be very pleased that my 2 boys attend Three Rivers. I look forward to watching the school grow from strength to strength."
Parent of a Year 8 and Year 11 students

"We are very fortunate that our children have such positive, enthusiastic teachers looking after their future. Thank you all for all that you do!"
Year 10 Parent

"As a current parent, we feel the school is going in such a positive direction and feel really excited about the future ahead."

"I just wanted you to know how happy my daughter is at school and I feel so encouraged by the enormous changes the school have made.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and I am really looking forward to my youngest son joining in September."

"I just wanted to say as an existing parent how proud I was to witness first-hand how your staff and pupils represented Three Rivers Academy tonight at the Open Evening.  I had lots of new parents saying how impressed they were with everything they had heard and seen around the school and how well the tour guides had conducted themselves whilst answering some challenging questions.  Very interesting was the number of parents who had older children with them and were questioning their current school choices, as they were looking to potentially move their children...!"

"Keep up the hard but good work."

"Three Rivers Academy students are so lucky to have such knowledgeable and dedicated teachers. I hope the students appreciate this and make the most of it."

"Transition has been amazing. [Our daughter] feels valued and settled already"
New Year 7 Parent

"[Our son] is very happy with all aspects of school life, really enjoying it."
New Year 7 Parent

Testimonials from the wider community:

"I am currently incapacitated with a very bad neck and girls from Three Rivers Academy willingly helped me re-instate the position of my wheelie bins after this morning's refuse collection. I would not have been able to manage without their help. They are a credit to the school."
Local resident

"So much thanks for your continuous attendance over the last 9 weeks of schools rugby hosted at Esher RFC. We hope you found everything to your satisfaction and applaud a great effort on your part to drive engagement through not only Three Rivers, but the other participating Schools. As a very encouraging footnote, I’m advised our player numbers at Yr 7 & 8 have shown a nett gain attributable to friends recruitment and contacts within this period so we’re very pleased with a win – win.
We’ll continue to track footfall from visiting parents and children hopefully over the season, but would remind and encourage you and your colleagues to enjoy an afternoon with us at Esher when convenient through the ticketing distribution I passed on to you."
Dave (Esher Rugby Development)

From the Co-ordinator of First Give:

"Thanks so much for today - I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your students and having the chance to hear about the work that they have done over the last term and a half. You should be extremely proud of the students efforts with social action and fundraising. As a year group and as a staff team, you have obviously dedicated significant effort to having a real, demonstrable impact through First Give for your partner charities."