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Our Learning Curriculum


Our aim is to make sure all students can apply their study of Computer Science to real world problems, by using a challenging, theoretical and practical based curriculum, to prepare students for the rapidly expanding opportunities in the Creative and Technological fields.

All students have the opportunity to acquire design, software, multimedia and programming skills for use in Computer Science lessons and across the curriculum. We provide an introduction to the computational and functional skills required to make students creative and independent problem solvers confident in the creation of digital solutions.

Our aim is to provide a challenging and stretching foundation that will enable students to develop their digital literacy skills. We build on the core knowledge gained as students' progress through the school and delve deeper into the ever-evolving world of technology.

In summary, Computing is important because we live in a digital world and students need a basic understanding of computing systems, logic and algorithms. Computing brings out the best in students by: -

· Equipping them with an online safety curriculum that is purposeful and provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe whilst using technology.

· Affording them opportunities to consider the ethical issues caused by computer networks, develop computational thinking and digital literacy skills.

· Developing technical skills crucial to businesses across industries, helping them understand the need for maintaining their employability through a commitment to lifelong learning.



At Three Rivers students develop an awareness that Business permeates through all aspects of their lives such as their career, social lives and hobbies and equip students with the knowledge and skills to become responsible citizens who contribute to the local community.

No matter what students will do in the future they will be in the world of business. No matter whether in big multinationals or self-employed we aim to teach the skills they will need in later life from effective communication to mathematical skills.

Our syllabus gives students the opportunity to see a broad overview of the world of business and the functional areas with it a KS4 looking at both small and large businesses. Development at KS 5 allows them to look into more depth each of the key areas within business as well as business planning for the future. Whilst continuing to develop their personal skills.

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Our Learning Journey

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Qualifications and exam board information

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Head of Computing & Technical Learning Co-ordinator: Mr Johnson