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The principles of Three Rivers Academy are firstly shaped by the trust and then school’s values, mission and vision set out below:

Trust statement:

At THPT we will bring out the best by providing a rich experience both within and beyond the classroom.

This will enable all our young people to thrive personally and academically, overcome challenges and make a positive contribution to society.

School statement:

At Three Rivers Academy, we plan our curriculum to support and challenge students. We intend to make the most of student experiences across a full range of subjects so that they can add context to their learning. We will achieve this through a focus on literacy, numeracy, thinking skills, practical work, independent learning, cross curricular collaboration, and expanding students' knowledge through lessons, extracurricular activities, and working with home.

Curriculum Fundamentals

As a family of schools, we have identified and agreed the following non-negotiables in building and deciding the curriculum:

  • The curriculum must be broad and balanced throughout, with the opportunity to study the arts, languages, technology, and sport at KS4
  • RSE & HE, RS and the wider curriculum are core components of students’ personal development and must be delivered effectively
  • The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students and offer appropriate progression routes
  •  We embrace our responsibility to ensure our students achieve the best possible academic outcomes
  • Students who have the greatest barriers to success will have their needs prioritised in terms of curriculum and staff deployment
  • Class groupings and setting promote students’ self-esteem alongside learning and progress. Rationales should be clear and defensible

KS3 Subjects & Allocations

The KS3 Curriculum is as broad as possible for as long as possible. We have remained loyal to a three-year KS3. Schemes of learning are regularly reviewed, and quality assured so that they remain ambitious and robust.  National Curriculum and reflects the local context across three years.

Year 7 Periods per cycle Year 8 Periods per cycle Year 9 Periods per cycle
Subject Subject Subject
English 8 English 8 English 8
Maths 7 Maths 7 Maths 8
Science 6 Science 6 Science 6
Technology 3 Technology 3 Technology 9
History 8 History 8 History 8
Geography 8 Geography 8 Geography 8
RE 2 RE 2 RE 2
Art 2 Art 3 Art 9
Music 2 Music 2 Music 9
Drama 2 Drama 2 Drama 9
Computing 1 Computing 1 Computing 1
PE 4 PE 4 PE 4
Aware 1 Aware 1 Aware 1

KS4 Subjects & Allocations

 In KS4 we have a high ambition for our students and ensure they study Core subjects and to promote STEM through the option of Separate Sciences. We aim to support the next steps and allow students the opportunity to develop in their areas of interest through one guided option and three open options.

Year 10 Periods per cycle Year 11 Periods per cycle Options Subjects:
Subject Subject

English Language


English    Language

4 Art (fine Art) History
English Literature 4 English Literature 4 Art (Photography) Hospitality/Catering*


7 Maths 7 Art (Textiles) Media Studies
Science -Double 9 Science -Double 9 Business Studies Music
Science - Triple 11 Science - Triple 11 Classics Physical Education

PE - Core

4 PE - Core 4 Computing Religious Studies

Guided Choice A8

5 Guided   Choice A8 5 Dance Sociology

Open Choice 1

5 Open Choice 1 5 Design Technology Spanish
Open Choice 2 5 Open Choice 2  5 Drama Sports*
Open Choice 3 5 Open Choice 3 5 Geography  The subject offer changes in relation to cohort & the choices made


2 Aware 2 French

*Current vocational courses available at KS4. Please note that the vocational offer  may change each year based on DFE guidance, availability  of course and suitability of courses.

Guided Choice A8 includes French, Spanish, Geography & History

Open Choice 1- 3  can be any options subject

RS SC is a GCSE Short Course, but can be offered as a Full Course GCSE

Double Science equates to 2 GCSEs - Biology, Chemistry & Physics results are combined

Triple Science equates to 3 GCSEs - Biology, Chemistry & Physics are graded separately

British Values

Three Rivers Academy is fully compliant with the requirement of the Department for Education (DfE) that we promote British values and are embedded into the curriculum and in everything we do (SMSC). These values are defined as:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of Law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

PSHE will be fully embedded into our Aware curriculum at KS3. This focuses on personal development, welfare, well-being and values as well as awareness and involvement in the school community and wider world.

British Values are also embedded into our Character Education programme which feature taught sessions delivered during our morning tutor time programme.