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At Three Rivers Academy, we offer students the opportunity to study an additional GCSE in Classical civilisations after school and to take A Level Classics as a full-time course in Sixth Form.

Students have the opportunity to learn about Ancient Greece and Rome, their History, culture, myths and religions. Students of Classics will be expected to develop an understanding of the major themes in the Ancient world and in doing so, students will develop their essay writing skills and an understanding of how to critique a wide range of sources.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 - Myth and Religion in the Ancient World

Students will study myths focusing on the role of the gods and heroes in the founding of Athens and Rome, the importance of Heracles/Hercules to both the Greek and Roman world. These are well known stories that learners will enjoy engaging with and studying in increased depth.

Learners will also look at the role of religion in the everyday lives of ancient Greeks and Romans. The study of temples, sacrifice, festivals, death and beliefs in the afterlife will give a broad overview of religion in the ancient world, and provides opportunity for the study of a wide variety of material remains, including remarkable temples and works of art.

Year 11 - City Life in Ancient Rome - Culture and Literature.

Students will explore everyday life in Roman cities, with a particular focus on the Imperial period as well as the popular sites and artefacts from Rome, Ostia, Pompeii and Herculaneum. Examining typical Roman housing can be an excellent way to make learning tangible and relatable for learners, as can the study of education and the lives of young people in the Roman world.

The Literature topics examine poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction texts to provide learners with an introduction to a variety of literature. The Satires of Horace and Juvenal, fiction of Petronius and letters of Pliny will give learners an insight into different literary styles and techniques, as well as into interesting areas of Roman life and society.

At Three Rivers Academy, Classical civilisations has proven a very popular choice for students to take as an additional GCSE providing students with the opportunity of challenging themselves through further academic study.

Key Stage 5

Unit 1 – The World of the Hero

In this component learners will study one of either Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey, as well as Virgil’s Aeneid. Learners will develop an increasingly sophisticated level of knowledge and understanding of the epics themselves, the way in which they were composed, and the religious, cultural and social values and beliefs of its society.

Unit 2 – Culture and the Arts (imperial Image).

In this component learners will study who Augustus Caesar was and his one-man rule of the Roman state. Through an examination of the literature and visual/material culture of the period, this component allows learners to examine the ways in which Augustus conveyed his personal brand to all social classes of Rome.

Unit 3 – Beliefs and Ideas (Politics of the Late Republic).

In this component learners will study in this component learners will study the political thought of the period from Sulla’s retirement in 79 BC to the death of Cicero in 43 BC, through examining Marcus Porcius Cato (‘Cato the Younger’), Gaius Julius Caesar, and Marcus Tullius Cicero. The exploration of the very different ideas of three contemporary political figures

What will lessons be like?

Very Exciting! You will use Art, ancient writings, documents and literature to find out the History and Culture of the Ancient world. You will do drama to act out famous events, and you will produce project work and presentations on your own and with friends to show what you can do.


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