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Dance is a powerful and expressive subject which encourages students to develop their creative side through physical and intellectual capacity. Dance at Three Rivers Academy is committed to providing each student with an engaging dance education that supports students to achieve their best.

Pupils at Three Rivers Academy are taught a wide range of dance styles within the curriculum including Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop. Dance at key stage 3 aims to help students improve their dance technique and confidence whilst given them an insight into Dance GCSE.

There is also a strong extra-curricular programme which includes clubs such as Dance Company, Hip Hop dance club, Year 7 & 8 Dance club and Year 9 Dance club. Three Rivers Academy offers the opportunity to perform both internally and externally, with the annual dance showcase, Dance Explosion, and participation in a national competition, Rock Challenge.

Dance Helps students to:

  • Increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • Employ the skills of problem solving and creativity
  • Make knowledgeable decisions about dances
  • Demonstrate excellent team work skills

Key Stage 3

Dance at Three Rivers Academy is emerged within P.E at key stage 3. Within this time students are given a foundation of key terminology and understanding of key skills which then develop throughout the curriculum. It encourages students to choreograph, perform and appreciate professional dance works.

Year 7 Mission Impossible

Year 8 Film choreography

Year 9 Fusion of styles: An Introduction to the GCSE set works.

Key Stage 4

Dance is offered as a GCSE subject. When undertaking GCSE Dance, students will be required to perform set phrases and choreograph their own work based on a chosen stimulus. GCSE Dance is 60% practical and 40% theory. The theory paper consolidates students learning of their performance skills and is an appreciation of six set works. The anthology's mix of artistic, cultural and aesthetically diverse works, has been selected by the AQA exam board to broaden students' knowledge and understanding of a wide range of dance styles.

The subject welcomes students from all abilities with a keen interest in the dance.

For more information please contact Miss Gowing, subject lead for Dance via email at: