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Students at Three Rivers Academy study Drama once a week at Key Stage 3. They learn about the elements of Drama including a range of techniques and how to create believable characters. They will also learn how to use these skills in small group work, experimenting with ideas to create performances to show to their classmates.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 students will cover basic drama skills, improvisation and performance styles such as melodrama.

In Year 8 students continue to build on their basic drama skills and look at more detailed characters and developing stories. They also explore developing as an individual as well as taking on the position of a director within lessons.

In Year 9 students start to explore more complex theatre practitioners and devising drama from a starting point, further developing as an independent performer as well as working closely within groups.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama is an option in Year Ten, giving students the ability to create their own devised work and explore play texts from the perspective of actor, director and designer. They will work practically in lessons, as well as enjoying a variety of live theatre performances. Students will need to be confident in performing and willing to collaborate with all students, both in lessons and after school, in order to complete practical performances to the required standard.

GCSE Drama offers a wide variety of transferrable skills that will benefit students in other subjects and in their post 16 education.

Key Stage 5

Students who decide to continue their studies with us at Three Rivers Academy Sixth Form will be given the opportunity to take the Cambridge National qualification in Performing Arts. Students will study areas across the performing arts sector which will give them the base knowledge to then further their learning in this popular sector or embark on a career.  Students will take part in visits to the theatre, engage in practical exploration of play texts, create their own piece of theatre for an audience of their choice and work with students lower down the school across all three disciplines of Performing Arts.


Three Rivers Academy also offers students the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities with 4 performances taking place each year.


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