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Extra-Curricular and Enrichment

At Three Rivers Academy we offer an enrichment programme that gives our students the opportunity to be involved in activities outside of timetabled lessons.  We have a wide range of opportunities including but not limited to competitive and non-competitive sports, creative and performing arts, leadership roles and student voice alongside subject trips.  We also take advantage of online opportunities to bring experts into our classrooms.  There really is something for every student to take part in.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students who become the most successful and the most prepared for life post school are those who throw themselves into lots of activities, sometimes outside of their comfort zone, where they can develop a whole range of skills. Please do encourage your children to participate in a good variety of extra curricular activities.

Please see the timetable below for our extra-curricular opportunities. 

Non-PE Extra-Curricular Timetable

 PE Extra-Curricular Timetable

Extra Curricular Timetable Sept 23


Student Leadership

Student Ambassadors

Students in Years 10 through to 13 apply to become student subject ambassadors to represent a subject to the rest of the student body.  Possible activities the students will be responsible for are running clubs for younger students, mentoring younger students, feeding back to staff regarding lesson content, supporting staff in producing resources to celebrate subject areas and representing the subject in events such as Open Evening.


Students in Years 10 through to 13 apply to become prefects and as part of this they decide on an area of the school community to support.  Areas that are currently projects for our cohort include mental health, water safety, building motivation, girls in sport, Year 7 transition, primary school liaison, debating, clubs and environmental and eco.  The projects these students are undertaking will be a positive influence for Three Rivers Academy and their enthusiasm will bring about change for our whole community.

Student voice

Student voice is a key component of day-to-day life at Three Rivers Academy, and we believe passionately in ‘listening and reacting’ to the views and wishes of the student body and to empowering our students to help direct policy.

Each tutor group nominates two students to represent their views on the year council, a student led body (with the support of the year leader) that meets once a half term to discuss all elements of school life from rewards and consequences to school uniform.

In addition, two chairs of each year council then forward the views and wishes of their year group to the whole school council that meets once a term with a member of the senior leadership team and our sixth form student leaders.

The impact of the year and school councils is wide reaching and has already influenced the school buildings, school uniform, behaviour policy and teaching and learning.