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All students study Geography at Three Rivers Academy for three lessons a fortnight until the end of Year Nine. It then becomes an optional subject at GCSE, AS and A Level. Through Geography, students learn about the world around them and the important issues and problems that we face, such as global warming, plastic pollution, destruction of the rainforests and poverty, and the possible solutions for these problems. These include sustainable management of the environment, renewable sources of energy and Fairtrade. Physical Geography is the study of the natural landscape, including volcanoes, earthquakes, the water cycle, coasts and ecosystems. Human Geography is about the impact of humans on the Earth, which includes the topics of development, population, settlement and economic activity. Geography is a very topical subject and time is made in lessons to study geographical events in the news, such as the Indonesian Earthquake and tsunami (2018) or the EU Referendum and it’s impacts.

Key Stage 3

In year 7, 8 and 9 the world around them will be brought to life through problem solving and detailed case studies on a variety topics including hazards and hazard management; disease; crime; development issues around the world and the exploitation of ecosystems.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE all students will carry out field work on both human and physical landscapes as well as develop valuable interpretation and evaluation skills. At this level students will learn about the geography of the UK and around the world increasing their knowledge of the links and interdependence between people and place.

Key Stage 5

At A Levels students will undertake 5 days of fieldwork, as well as learn in-depth knowledge about human and physical issues around the world and their management. Students will be equipped with proficient skills in evaluation, interpretation, geographical information systems and problem solving among many.


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