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History is about learning about different events and people from the past to help us understand our contemporary world. Our KS3 History curriculum is varied, exciting and engaging.

Key Stage 3

  • Year 7 ? Develop historical skills with a Pirate Case study; Why William won the Battle of Hastings; The Black Death; Magna Carta; The Crusades and Henry VIII and his six wives ? Why did he have so many?
  • Year 8 ? Elizabeth I; Guy Fawkes; The English Civil War; the Plague and the Fire of London ? did it really start in a bakery?; Jack the Ripper and Life in Whitechapel - Who was the Killer?. We also investigate Slavery and Civil Rights in America
  • Year 9 ?World War 1; World War 2 ? What was the turning point?; The Holocaust; 20th Century America and Crime and punishment through time

Key Stage 3 students have trip activities that are built into their homework in order to support parents in help their children explore History outside the classroom. In Year 9, students have the opportunity to go to the Somme battlefields to see trenches and memorials, where soldiers lived and fought during World War I.

 Key Stage 4

At Three Rivers Academy, History is one of the most popular and successful subjects at GCSE and A Level.

GCSE students will learn about:

  • The rise of the Nazis and life in Hitler?s Germany
  • How the Second World War started
  • How Medicine and treatment changed from medieval times to modern day
  • Life during and after the Norman Conquest.


Key Stage 5

 Students who choose History at A Level will study the Cold War and the evolving course of international relations during an era of tension between communist and capitalist powers which threatened nuclear Armageddon. You will also study the Tudors and the issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence during the reigns of the Tudor Monarchs from Henry VII to Elizabeth I.

 GCSE and A Level students have the opportunity to go on our Berlin Field Trip where we look into the History of this city under the Nazis and its importance during the Cold War.


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