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Our Curriculum Intent

The Mathematics Faculty at Three Rivers Academy are passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who deliver the curriculum at all three key stages. Our mathematics teachers aim to help each student achieve their full potential in the subject, stretching the most able as well as supporting lower attaining students.  All students, irrespective of ability are encouraged to appreciate the application of mathematics in the ‘real world’ in order to develop their global citizenship. 

Key Stage 3 and 4

All students are taught in groups appropriate to their progress, with detailed Mastery schemes of work. These schemes are regularly reviewed and revised to incorporate changing specifications, cross-curricular links and varying cohort needs.  Fluency between topics is assessed by interleaved assessments at the end of each half term in both key stages.  Mathematics is a vital skill to problem solving in everyday life.

Key Stage 5

Edexcel Mathematics is a popular and successful choice at Key Stage 5.  Our scheme of work enables our students to transition confidently between key stages, and enables our teachers to track and monitor our students’ progression.  We also offer Further Mathematics at A Level. 

Our Learning Journey

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Qualifications and exam board information


Qualification Subject Exam Board Website


Year 10/11/12/13

Mathematics (1MA1/F & 1MA1/H) Edexcel


A Level

Year 12

Further Maths (9FM0) Edexcel


A Level

Year 13

AS Mathematics (8MA0) Edexcel


A Level

Year 12/13

Mathematics (9MA0) Edexcel



Who to contact?

Curriculum Leader: Miss Scarff


KS3 & Mastery Lead: Miss Macias


KS4: Mr Stidwill


KS5: Mrs Thomas