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Our Curriculum Intent

The Mathematics Faculty at Three Rivers Academy are a team of passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic teachers who aim to create the very best Mathematicians. Our mathematics teachers aim to help each student achieve their full potential in the subject, stretching the most able as well as supporting lower attaining students. We do this through quality first teaching, which ensures students understand underlying Mathematical principles and can apply them in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. All students are encouraged to appreciate the beauty of mathematics and its application in the ‘real world’ and develop their global citizenship.

Our teachers have a range of skills across the curriculum areas. Their expertise and knowledge is shared across the department to ensure the very best for the students. Where appropriate, Maths intervention is offered across the curriculum for those pupils who need additional help. The department has high standards and expectations of student conduct in line with the TRA behaviour policies. Achievements are well celebrated with postcards home and positive parent communication, supporting an atmosphere of success and high aspirations within the department.

We encourage students to enrich and extend their mathematical understanding in and out of the classroom over the 7 years. As a department, we offer opportunities for students to compete in the UKMT Maths Challenge in years 7, 8, 10, and 12/13, as well as running Maths Clubs, Maths Drop-in, STEM Careers Day, and inviting students to attend Maths Inspiration Lectures (both virtually and in-person). 

Key Stage 3 and 4

Students receive 3 or 4 hour-long lessons each week from years 7-11. Students are taught in groups appropriate to their prior knowledge, following a detailed 5-year Mastery scheme of learning. The curriculum is broad and covers the topics outlined in the National Curriculum for Mathematics. We understand that students enter secondary school with a wide range of prior attainment. Tasks and lessons are well-differentiated and scaffolded to meet the needs of pupils, and all pupils can access and be successful in their learning. Our scheme of learning is designed so that students will have covered all the necessary content to achieve their GCSE in Mathematics. 

Throughout the year, KS3 and KS4 are assessed on 4 formal occasions. Still, we also use informal assessments to monitor pupils’ understanding at the end of each topic (as per our feedback policy). Following all assessment and feedback points, students are encouraged to reflect upon their learning to engender independence and the ability to build and improve upon their prior knowledge. 

Learning is sequenced so that students can build their knowledge gradually and see the links between topics in each year. Fluency is encouraged by interleaved knowledge (revisiting topics within new contexts). For example, Year 7 starts with developing algebraic thinking, which is then interwoven throughout the year, so students reinforce and extend their knowledge and understanding. Students are encouraged to strive for challenging yet achievable targets, and high expectations will be evident through student work relevant to their age and prior attainment level. We believe that mathematics is a vital skill to problem-solving in everyday life. Students are explicitly taught strategies to solve problems and are encouraged by teacher modelling to be able to express themselves in Mathematical language. 

Key Stage 5

Edexcel Mathematics is a popular and successful choice at Key Stage 5. Our scheme of work enables our students to transition confidently between key stage 4 and 5, and enables our teachers to track and monitor our students’ progression. We also offer Further Mathematics at A-Level.

Our Learning Journey

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Maths Key Stage 3 Program of study overview: Click Here

Year 7 Program of Study

Year 8  Program of Study

Year 9  Program of Study

National Curriculum Content: Click Here

Qualifications and exam board information


Qualification Subject Exam Board Website


Year 10/11/12/13

Mathematics (1MA1/F & 1MA1/H) Edexcel


A Level

Year 12

Further Maths (9FM0) Edexcel


A Level

Year 13

AS Mathematics (8MA0) Edexcel


A Level

Year 12/13

Mathematics (9MA0) Edexcel


Math Feedback Schedule/Policy

Math Feedback Schedule/Policy

Who to contact?

Curriculum Leader: Miss Dawes


KS3: Mrs Asamoah (Y7 and transition)


KS3: Mrs Freer (Y8/9)


KS4 & Mastery Lead: Miss Macias


 KS5: Mrs Thomas