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Our Curriculum Intent

Music is a practical subject, which means there is a lot of creating your own music and also performing music. Throughout years 7,8 and 9 you will learn to play instruments such as the keyboard, the djembe and the ukulele. You will also experience writing your own original music as well as listening to a vast range of different styles of music – everything from Shostacovich to Stormzy!

The Performing Arts team is eager to help Music students build and develop skills in the subject. Music is always with us in our everyday lives. It enriches everything that we do.

Music is a science, exact, indicating frequencies, volumes and exact control of time. 

Music is maths, rhythmically based in the subdivision of time into fractions. We work these out on the spot when reading music. 

Music is history, we study the history of world in relation to the music of the time and vice versa.

Music is a language, a highly developed type of short hand using symbols.

Music is physical, requiring  the Coordination of fingers, hands, facial muscles, diaphragm, stomach and back. Stimulate your creativity in the Music department.

Our Learning Journey

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Why study Music at GCSE and beyond?

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Qualifications and exam board information


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Qualification Accreditation Number: 601/8131/X Music



Who to contact?

Head of Faculty: Mr Clowes