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Students at Three Rivers Academy study Music once a week for an hour at Key Stage Three age. Throughout Key Stage Three, the broad and balanced music curriculum aims to support all students through music, regardless of their level of prior music tuition. Supporting students with the skills to continue music making in whatever way they choose.

Students will learn to perform on a variety of instruments including keyboards, ukuleles and African Drums. Singing is also widely used throughout the whole curriculum.

Students will learn to perform as a soloist and in groups, building not only their musical skills, but their teamwork and independent learning skills. They will learn to compose instrumental pieces and songs in pairs and small groups in groups and they will also learn to compose using music technology such as Garageband and Logic Pro.

The curriculum is only part of the music offering at Three Rivers Academy and students are encouraged to be involved in music in numerous other capacities within the school, with a weekly Music Tech Club (TRA Records), Choir and much more!

Key Stage 4

GCSE Music is an option in Year Ten, giving students the opportunity to listen and analyse in more detail. We follow the Eduqas examining board and the topics have a wide range of appeal. They include Classical music, film music and popular music.

Students who study GCSE music are usually some of the leads in the school shows and enjoy performing with others inside the classroom and in our many extra-curricular activities.

Individual Music Lessons

As well as the school curriculum we have providers that offer individual and small group lessons to students on various instruments and in a pop band setting. Students or parents can contact the music staff at any point to be put in touch with the relevant people. The music department is fully involved in three large scale performances a year and students will be encouraged to take part in this throughout the year.

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