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Physical Education

Our Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent - P.E. 

The PE department at Three Rivers Academy will be striving to be the best in the country. The department will bring out the best of all students by connecting them to the power of sport and physical activity, so that they are motivated to participate both now and in the future. We will facilitate this by delivering high quality physical education where students can compete and experience a wide variety of sport and activities. Our goal is to provide all students with challenging and stimulating learning experiences that install an ethos that hard work is the foundation for success, ensuring that all students gain a positive experience of PE. The vision of the department is to have every student in school actively participating in extra-curricular sport. By getting students to take part in at least one extra curricula club, we aim to instil a positive ethos of a “sporting habit for life”. 

Curriculum Aims 

  • To stimulate student interest and enjoyment in physical activity and promote exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. 
  • To employ teaching methods and provide appropriate resources that allow students to have equal opportunity to experience success and enjoyment in PE. 
  • Provide every student the opportunity to develop skills in physical activity in a range of physical activities. 
  • Provide opportunities to make and apply decisions within a variety of physical activities. 
  • Provide students the opportunity to develop their physical and mental capacity in a range of physical activities. 
  • Provide students the opportunity to evaluate and improve their own performance through head, hands and heart assessment  
  • Provide opportunities for students to make informed choices to help them lead a healthy active lifestyle. 
  • Provide a positive a learning environment so students feel confident to achieve. 
  • To help enhance students’ self-esteem through the development of their physical confidence and personal qualities. 
  • To develop social, moral and cultural ethics based on sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and commitment. 
  • Provide opportunities for leadership skills to be developed. 
  • To realise there must be rules and relevant safety procedures and to adhere to them in the various aspects of sport and recreation. 
  • To encourage participation in extra-curricular activities and offer opportunities for students to perform their skills in a variety of competitive and non-competitive situations to encourage lifelong participation in physical activity. 

Our Learning Journey

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Why study PE at GCSE and beyond?

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Subject Leader: Miss Gowing