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Our Curriculum Intent


The Sociology department will bring out the best by encouraging students to look at the society they live in through fresh eyes; questioning what shapes society and how society influences both individuals and groups. We will explore a range of social issues that are relevant to modern society and explore many different sociological explanations which will support student to better interpret the world around them. 

This will enable all our students to develop empathy and understand other cultures, values and communities as well as the society in which they live. They will be able to recognise that different social groups can have very different experiences of society, that a range of factors contribute to this and that there are many different explanations. Students will be able to explain, compare and criticise a range of sociological perspectives and apply relevant research and statistics to support their arguments. Whilst studying Sociology students will also develop their understanding of research methods and the importance of scientific research to support sociological judgements.  

Sociology encourages all students to think like a sociologist by questioning the world they live in; exploring social issues, applying their knowledge to current events, analysing explanations and developing their evaluative skills. Engaging with sociology also enables students to develop a more empathetic and considered approach to different cultures and beliefs and make sense of the society and world that they live in.  

Our Learning Journey

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Why study Sociology at GCSE and beyond?

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Year 10/11

Sociology (8192) AQA

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Year 12/13

Sociology (7192) AQA


Who to contact?

Head of Faculty: Mrs K Everett