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Special Educational Needs

The Learning Support Department exists:

  • To ensure that all students, whether or not they have SEND, have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is differentiated to meet their individual needs
  • To ensure early identification, assessment and provision for any student who may have special educational needs or disability
  • To help every student realise their full potential and optimise their self-esteem
  • To enable all staff to play a part in identifying students with SEND and take responsibility for recognising and addressing their individual needs
  • To encourage an effective partnership with parents and carers offering a joint learning approach at home and at school
  • To encourage and support students to participate in decision-making through their educational career
  • To offer a graduated response to needs in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice.
    The Learning Support team work closely with students, teachers and parents to devise and support any Individual Education Plans or literacy plans. Parents can make appointments to discuss their child’s progress with the SEND teachers and any other school’s advisory services we work with to support pupils with SEND. The Department aims to improve students’ confidence and self belief whilst increasing their ability to learn independently and develop the skills they require as resilient young people who strive to be the most successful version of themselves they can be


Students are carefully assessed and monitored during their transition from Primary school to secondary school. We liaise closely with staff in our primary feeder schools to ensure the transition process is successful for students with any additional needs. Whole school screening assists us with ensuring any access arrangements can be applied for to support those students who meet criteria.

SEND support services which work with Three Rivers Academy include:

  • The school’s Educational Psychologist
  • The Language and Learning Advisor
  • The Behaviour Support service
  • Advisors in Hearing and Visual Impairment
  • Careers advisor for students
  • The Education Welfare Officer
  • Physical and Sensory Support Service
  • Speech and Language Service
  • ASD Outreach Services
  • Physio Therapy Services

Support activities include:

  • Individual programmes for literacy and numeracy
  • SEND homework club in our Learning Resource Center (LRC)
  • Organisational support for those with significant needs or disabilities
  • Coursework support for KS4 students
  • Small group withdrawal for English and maths
  • Learning Lunch Club
  • Timetabled Inclusion Plus support

The Learning Support facilities include:

  • Classrooms and learning spaces where students can work with support staff
  • Small-group teaching rooms
  • Inclusion plus provision where students with additional pastoral needs are supported through 1:1 and small group intervention and meetings with external agencies and services
  • A preparation room for the Learning Support staff to adapt and extend teaching materials to meet the needs of students with learning, language or other difficulties


Three Rivers Academy SEND Policy

Three Rivers Academy Provision Map

SEND Information Report 2020-21

Three Rivers Academy Accessibility Plan 2020-21


SENCO - Mrs H Stone

Deputy SENCo – Mrs J Mutti-Mewse

Inclusion Manger – Mrs K Rands


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