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IT User Guides

Please find below several guides on how to use various IT resources. If you would like a guide to anything in particular, please complete this form, and we will then try to accommodate the request.

Teams Assignments

This video will show you how to view your assignments (Homework) on Teams and how  to hand your work in.



Introduction to Office 365



  Creating and saving a document using 365

Students can use Office 365 to create documents from any web browser, with work automatically saved to their One Drive accounts.


  One Drive

One Drive allows students to save and access all their work from any web browser. Students can also view any file that teachers have uploaded to Teams.


 GCSEPod Introduction

GCSEPod is the perfect resource to help your child learn, retain and recall all the information they need to achieve their GCSE goals. GCSEPod is also great for supporting your children throughout their journey with us. Students can log in to GCSE Pod using their school Office 365 accounts.

Introduction for Parents

Student Guide