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Insight Parent Portal

An Insight account has been created for you which provides you with secure online access to view your children's data 24 hours a day via PC, laptop, tablets, mobile devices with internet connection. We are using Insight to support in communication with parents. Benefits include parent evening bookings systems, updates on attendance, achievements, incidents and sanctions, access to all student academic reports and you will also be able to view and update student/home/contact details. 

Insight Parent Log in & Parent's Evening guidance

From January 2020 reports will be uploaded to Insight instead of being emailed home. To book Parent’s Evening appointments you will need to access the Website or use the Insight App. When you are on the Parents Evening screen you will see the staff available to meet with you. This is populated from student timetables. Where classes are shared you may see multiple teachers are available for a subject. Please take advice from your child as to which teacher should be seen.

To make an appointment select a time from the Available Bookings on the right hand of the screen. Once selected this is saved to your appointment list. You will have the option to amend bookings and leave messages for staff. We would advise you down loading and using the App for the parents evening. If a member of staff becomes unavailable it will be published on your appointment list.

All parents have the option to make appointments. If you are planning to attend the evening together appointments should be made using one of the parent accounts as parent accounts are not automatically linked.

This is not currently replacing Frog for setting homework/assignments. We are reviewing the use of Frog across the partnership with the aim to find the best solution to supporting students and parents with independent studies. We plan to use the App to support students with keeping up to date with their own timetables, reports, achievements and sanctions.

To log in go to