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Work Experience

Three Rivers Academy strongly believes that work experience plays a crucial part in helping young people make decisions about their future careers and helps develop vital skills in the modern labour market. Work experience is an integral part of the school’s broader programme of careers education and work-related learning.


Work Experience  8th-12th July 2024

Work Experience is:

  • An organised educational activity that forms part of a student’s work- related learning.
  • Students go to work for an employer for a week.
  • Students carry out a variety of tasks and activities much as an employee would.
  • An unpaid activity. 

The benefits of Work Experience are:

  • Develop responsibility and resilience.
  • Gain new skills (specific to a sector as well as general employability skills).
  • Interact with people outside of your social circle and learn about work place etiquette.
  • Develop an understanding of whether or not a career is right for the young person.
  • Supports applications for colleges, universities, apprenticeships and careers.
  • Having a clear goal and aspirations helps students to achieve at school.

WEX Information Evening presentation

Work Experience Case Study

Students at Three Rivers academy are expected to organise their own placements every placement will be expected to provide evidence of public liability and employer’s liability insurance.  For more information about work experience please visit

The placement forms that need to be completed before work experience can be agreed are linked below

Work Experience Parental Consent Form

Work Experience Employer Agreement & Information Forms