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Our Curriculum Intent

The Law department will bring out the best by delivering a diverse and interesting curriculum, exploring concepts and theories of law as well as how laws are made and applied and substantive areas of law.  We will explore the purpose of law and how the law needs to balance conflicting interests.  

By studying law students will gain an understanding of the national and international laws that govern our behaviour, the relationship between law and politics and the consequences of not following laws.  Students will also learn about those people who work within the legal system and training routes into a legal career.  

As well as developing a broad range of knowledge in relation to substantive and non-substantive areas of law students will develop a wide range of skills by studying A-Level Law.  These include analysis of source information, applying the law to legal problems in order to make legal judgements as well as discussion and presentation skills. 

Studying law will give students an insight into the legal framework that governs our country, offers an introduction to studying law at university.  Law also compliments a range of other subjects and careers such as business, journalism, criminology, politics, economics and history.  

Our Learning Journey

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