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Mental Health

As the emotional needs of students and their families rise, Dr David McKie, the Student Psychologist for THPT has produced a document providing  for you to view (document currently being updated).

In order to support its young people Three Rivers Academy has a mental health policy.

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families are a children's mental health charity that develop and deliver pioneering mental health care.

The campaign 'You're Never Too Young to Talk Mental Health' provides materials to support schools in the delivery of effective mental health and well being for pupils.  For more information go to Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.

What is anxiety? 

What is attachment? 

What is low mood? 

What is self harm?

Childline have launched a new website called Calm Zone which looks at supporting children with their mental health. There are lots of useful, practical tips for children and their parents showing exercises and activities that you can do. There is a lot of information and guidance, please have a look!

The Howard Partnership Trust’s Child Psychologist has created a number of videos which are accessible via the THPT’s Youtube channel. David addresses mental health, well-being and dealing with the current Covid 19 pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, we are aware that many young people may experience heightened anxiety. Although some of this anxiety is normal, we are aware that these feelings may be new and unpleasant. CAMHS have created some webinar presentations to support you as parents, in supporting your child(ren) with understanding anxiety, and some strategies to manage anxiety with the current circumstances of COVID and the return to school and transition to secondary school.

Each webinar is under 25 minutes long and can be paused at any time. We recommend that you begin by watching the ‘What is Anxiety?’ and ‘Strategies to Manage Anxiety’ webinars, as these will provide a general understanding, and may be referred to in the other webinar presentations.

Please click here to view these webinars.