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One year on....

'Bringing out the best'
One year on.....

One year on from moving into our fabulous new building I thought it would be timely to reflect on our journey to date. Three Rivers Academy remains committed to ‘bringing out the best’ in our students so they are happy and successful and to maximising their life-chances. Since joining The Howard Partnership Trust in September 2016 Three Rivers Academy has benefited from a wealth of expertise and additional support to help the school achieve this aim. Some of the key achievements to date include:

  • Improved public examination results with students working towards aspirational targets
  • Increased numbers on roll (both main school and Sixth Form)
  • Improved attendance to be in line with national average
  • New building with outstanding specialist facilities (February 2018)
  • Increased community engagement through our growing lettings programme
  • Recruitment and retention rates of specialist staff including in shortage areas
  • 100% of staff agree that they are proud to be a member of staff at the school and that the school is well led and managed (November 2018)
  • Students feel safe and respected in the school (Student voice – Autumn 2018)
  • 96% of parents agree that their child is happy in school (Academic year 2017/18)
  • 94% of parents agree that their child is well taught (Academic year 2017/18)

Our current school improvement plan key priorities are helping us to embed further so many of the positive changes we have seen so far:

We welcome feedback from all members of our school community and invite you to share this with us via Please also visit our website  for further information and links to our social media feeds Facebook: Three Rivers Academy and Twitter: @3RiversSurrey