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Studying remotely

Summary of expectations

Teachers are setting up work on Frog for every lesson they should be teaching. This may take the case of a project spanning over several ‘lessons’. We are conscious that a classroom environment cannot be replicated online and that students may encounter a range of challenges preventing them from studying. However, we will endeavour to support good study habits and provide a sense of ‘normality’. We appreciate that without teacher support, it will be difficult for students to access new content and therefore, most of the work will consist of revision or consolidation of previous learning.

Once the school reopens, we will assess our students’ progress over the closure and amend our programmes as appropriate to ensure that no student is adversely affected by the closure long-term.


Where will work be set

All work will be submitted on FROG. This applies to all students from Year 7 to Year 13.


Teacher feedback

Whenever possible, teachers will continue to assess students’ work and provide feedback. This may be done in a number of ways:

  • Online ‘self-assessed’ work, where the student will receive an instant score or feedback, which the teacher will be able to access
  • Some tasks will need to be directly submitted on Frog, as per the teacher’s instructions, and individual written feedback will be provided by the teacher within a reasonable timeframe
  • In some instances, particularly at Key Stage 5, teachers may email individual feedback to the student’s school email address. This will be clearly explained in the instructions on Frog

If you can, please look at the feedback provided by the teacher and discuss with your child.

Please note that staff are not able to email students’ personal email address. All email communication must be done using the student’s THPT Outlook email. Instructions have been shared with students on FROG.


What if my child cannot access the internet?

Prior to this guidance being published, we have identified students with no access to the internet and have already made provision for them.

How to access online platform and resources

If you are having trouble with log in details such as user names and passwords, please click on the link below:

Online resources Usernames & Password guidance

Additional guides:

Office 365 Accessing email & teams

Frog accessing homework & uploading files

Sam Learning accessing SAM learning

Hegarty Maths accessing assignments

Additional resources and support

Year 10 to Year 13

Please see below links to exam board resources for each subject. In addition to completing the work set on FROG, students are encouraged to access specifications, practise past exam papers and self-mark using mark schemes.

Exam board information


Year 7 to 9

If you would like to support your child further, we have collated a list of topics that KS3 topics have studied so far.

List of KS3 topics

Getting in touch with us

Our staff will be working hard to ensure that the school continues to run remotely and will be available to answer queries via email. In line with our standard communication protocols, please be aware that staff are unlikely to look at emails outside the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm during the week, and not at all at weekends or during holidays. We will aim to respond to queries within 2 working days however, you will understand that this may not always be possible in the current circumstances. 

Our staff list is accessible here

Individual members of staff can be contacted by emailing their first name, a full stop, followed by the surname. For example, John Smith's email address would be

Please do not contact individual members of staff with queries about re-opening dates as they will be unable to assist you. Appropriate communication will go out to all parents and will be posted on our website and social media when the school reopens its doors.

Guidance on how to access Office 365 student email, SAM Learning, Maths Hegarty and Active Learning will be sent to all students via FROG.

If you have a query about work set during school closure, please contact the subject teacher directly in the first instance.

If you have a wider concern, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance, before contacting the Year Lead or Key Stage Manager.

If you have any difficulties accessing FROG, please contact
Mrs Curtis ( ) or Miss Mayaire (

Support for families

During this time some of our families are struggling more than others, especially where some of our parents/ carers find managing their own anxieties difficult. 

This pack may be helpful: 

Getting through the lock down with teenagers

Eikon Three Rivers Academy Newsletter

The next few weeks may prove very challenging for families. Our website contains a wealth of information that may be of help. In particular we urge you to remind students of the importance of e-safety, at a time where young people are likely to spend an increased amount of time online.

Online Safety:

Support for Families:

Mental Health: