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Pastoral Support

Progress and Pastoral Structures

At Three Rivers Academy, we have a year-based pastoral system. Each year group has a Year Lead who will be supported by a Deputy Year Leader, a Pastoral Year Manager, and a Team of Tutors. The team is responsible for managing the overall progress and pastoral care of your son/daughter. Concerns about individual subjects should, in the first instance, be directed to your son/daughter's subject teacher. The first point of contact for pastoral issues should be your son/daughter's form tutor: For Communication Protocols please and support in finding the email addresses of staff, please click here.


Key Stage Three Pastoral Team

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

SLT Lead

Mr R Wait

Assistant Principal

Ms J Spires

Assistant Principal

Ms J Spires

Vice Principal

Year Lead

Miss I Hann

Miss N Cooper

Mr A Noakes

Deputy Year Lead

Mr M Copppini

Mr A Carter

 Mr L Adams

Year Manager

Ms L Evans

Ms R Sheen

Ms R Sheen


Key Stage Four Pastoral Team

Year 10

Year 11

SLT Lead

Mrs R Lloyd-Pennock

Assistant Principal

Mrs R Lloyd-Pennock

Assistant Principal

Year Lead

Mr A Detnon

Mr A Hunter

Deputy Year Lead

 Miss M Bass

 Mr E Murphy

 Year Manager

 Mrs L Brough

 Mrs A McDowell


Key Stage Five Pastoral Team

 Year 12 & 13

SLT Lead

Mr M Scannella

Vice Principal

Head of Sixth Form

Mr A Scrivener

Sixth Form Manager

Mrs S Maton


School Home Link Workers

Mrs P Waspe
Ms S Adams

Lead Behaviour Manager

Mr S Buckman

Behaviour Support Assistant

Mr A Williams

Learning Mentors

Mrs A Smith
Ms C Stoner


At Three Rivers Academy, our aim is to 'bring out the best' in every student. Students, parents, and Three Rivers Academy Staff are all key stakeholders in ensuring good levels of progress. In order to give the students the best possible start in their academic and employment careers, all stakeholders need to ensure that they meet their responsibilities.

Students should:

  • Strive for 100% attendance
  • Maintain an excellent punctuality record
  • Ensure that their focus during lessons is always on the tasks set by the teacher. Class and homework tasks should always be completed to the best of their ability
  • Reflect on reports and progress and set targets for improvement
  • Learn from all experiences - especially mistakes and setbacks

Parents should:

  • Ensure that students are in school each day and on time
  • Ensure that there is clear and open communication between home and school
  • Promote respect for the school rules
  • Attend parent and information evenings
  • Ensure that students have a good breakfast each morning and promote the importance of exercise to promote good mental and physical health
  • Regularly discuss school work, homework and school reports with your son/ daughter

Three Rivers Academy Staff will:

  • Ensure that good quality learning opportunities are provided for all students
  • Discuss barriers to learning with students and set and monitor targets for improvement
  • Ensure that work is marked, feedback is given, and students can reflect on this and improve.
  • Apply the Three Rivers Academy policies consistently
  • Ensure that there is clear and regular communication between home and school.
  • Ensure that misconceptions and negative attitudes are always challenged.

School Wellbeing Dog

Research has shown many benefits to therapy and school dogs in educational settings, as they can improve student behaviour, wellbeing and literacy levels. We are already fortunate to have a trained therapy dog, Mac, who visits us every week. 

We are delighted to inform you that we will have a school dog on site after half-term, who will be with us most days. Barney is a 3-year-old Cockapoo who belongs to Mrs Skanes, our Safeguarding Manager. Barney is fully insured as a school dog, well trained and healthy. As a low to no shedding breed, the Cockapoo is generally considered to be an allergy-friendly dog. 

We have conducted a thorough risk assessment and put together a School Dog Policy, which are available below

Wellbeing Dog Policy

THPT Wellbeing Dog Three Rivers - Appendix B - June 2024

THPT Wellbeing Dog Risk Assessment Appendix A - TRA June 2024

Once Barney has settled into his new environment, we are planning on using him for small group work, as a reading companion, and offer students the opportunity to walk him on the school grounds as a reward. A member of staff will always be present when students interact with Barney. No student will ever be made to interact with Barney if they do not wish to do so. Students will receive clear guidance on how to handle the dog, and both the students’ and Barney’s wellbeing will be our utmost priority.  

If you do not give consent for your child to interact with Barney, for example if your child has an allergy to dog fur or is scared or dog, please complete the form below: